Understanding Windshield Cracks


Windshield cracks seem like a common occurrence, but that doesn't mean you should ignore them. If you leave them alone, they're not going away, and they could get worse and obscure your vision. If that seems too esoteric, then learn about why the cracks get worse and why that is so bad. When you have an understanding of how a crack affects the practical operation and condition of the car, you also have a better understanding of why you need to take care of these cracks quickly.

19 December 2017

Two Supporting Modifications You Need To Consider Before You Take Your Truck Off Road


When it comes to building an off-road rig, the first modifications that most people think of are suspension lift kits and aggressive tires. Those mods can certainly be helpful: lift kits give you more ground clearance so you don't bottom-out on tall obstacles and steep hills. Burly mud tires allow your truck to dig its way out of slippery terrain while avoiding punctures. However, if you plan on lifting your truck and taking it off-road, there are a couple of supporting modifications you should install before you go playing in the mud.

11 December 2017

3 Questions To Ask Before Signing Off On A Commercial Truck Repair As A Fleet Owner


When you own a fleet of commercial semi trucks, you have to have a budget set aside for the occasional repair (and of course, maintenance). However, when a truck in your fleet is in need of a more extensive repair, this can really throw a wrench in your operations. In these situations, having the right repair professional can make all the difference. As you seek the right repair shop to trust with your commercial truck, there are some important questions worth asking, such as:

8 December 2017