3 Questions To Ask Before Signing Off On A Commercial Truck Repair As A Fleet Owner


When you own a fleet of commercial semi trucks, you have to have a budget set aside for the occasional repair (and of course, maintenance). However, when a truck in your fleet is in need of a more extensive repair, this can really throw a wrench in your operations. In these situations, having the right repair professional can make all the difference. As you seek the right repair shop to trust with your commercial truck, there are some important questions worth asking, such as:

8 December 2017

The Glam Truck Competition: How To Create Your Own Glamorous Semi

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They have antique car shows. There are modern car shows, and even futuristic model car shows. It does not stop there. There are "low rider" car shows, motorcycle shows, and even international vintage farm tractor shows. What you may not know is that there are also "glam truck" shows and competitions. These shows feature some of the most incredible semi trucks ever fashioned, purely for the "wow" factor to win a competition and a huge pile of money.

27 November 2017